... what you always wanted to say but never dared to shout ...

how to extend your personal acoustic experience:


PIA gives you the possibility to use public speakers for your own purposes!

--- by sending sound files (noise, voice, music) to various transmission sites and choosing the date and time, when you want your clips to be played there
--- by downloading clips you liked for your personal use
--- by replaying archived clips
--- by becoming a transmission site


upload send a clip to public speakers:
the upload form helps you to send your acoustic data (only wav and mp3 formats allowed!) to the central server of PIA, which will distribute them to the transmission sites. There they will be heard at the date and time you specified.
distribution system overview
playlist list of all the clips, which are going to be transmitted next.
sources data bank with all the uploaded sound files on the PIA central server with details about the senders.
here you also can choose a special clip to be replayed.
transmission list of the present public spaces, where all the uploaded clips can be heard.